Ireland Takes Second Place for Hybrid Job Postings in Europe

Ireland Takes Second Place for Hybrid Job Postings in Europe

A recent LinkedIn study reveals Ireland’s growing embrace of hybrid work, with over 40% of paid job ads now promoting hybrid options. This gives Ireland the second highest rate of hybrid job postings in Europe. The result of the study was revealed on

The data shows a continuing shift among Irish employers towards hybrid policies, where employees split time between remote work and the office. Fully remote job ads accounted for just under 10% of postings.

Compared to an average of 32% hybrid job ads across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Ireland’s 41.8% highlights an appetite for blended remote and on-site work. Only the UK edged ahead of Ireland in hybrid job prevalence.

The analysis also found 60% of Irish professionals believe achieving better work-life balance is easier today than 20 years ago. Enabled by new technologies and hybrid schedules, employees are prioritizing flexibility.

As hybrid work solidifies as the model of choice for employers and talent here, Ireland consolidates its reputation as a prime destination for progressive, employee-focused roles in Europe. Companies embracing hybrid setups will attract top candidates looking for the optimal blend of workplace flexibility and face-to-face collaboration.



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