Things Successful Job Seekers Do Differently: 4 Things

Things Successful Job Seekers Do Differently
The job search can be challenging and daunting. Often, a lot of anxiety surrounds the job search and you wonder ‘what can I do differently’ or ‘what can I do to make me stand out’. If you have wondered these things, this article is for you. In this article, you will learn what successful job seekers do differently and as a result, how to land job interviews and job offers.   1. Find Out What Job Roles You Want to Target  Many people do not want to pigeon-hole themselves during a job search. This is particularly true for those whose skills are diverse and wide-ranging. Unfortunately, when your CV and LinkedIn position you as a jack of all trades, no one will be able to find out where to place you and you will likely be passed up for a peer who positions themselves as an expert. The truth is employers think they want a specialist, but once hired they appreciate an applicant’s versatility. Until you get hired, however, the best option is to make sure that your CV positions you as an expert or specialist in a specific role or industry.   2. Look Good Online  Hiring managers and recruiters are online and will scour social media to find people and to message them. Therefore, looking good online is vital to conducting a successful job search in today’s market. Therefore, control what they see by keeping the social media networks you don’t want people to see private and by putting your best foot forward on websites you would like them to find you. In addition, have a strong LinkedIn presence.   3. Remain in Perpetual Networking Mode  Although your job search is something you will have to tackle only a handful of times in your life, networking is for good. Given that many jobs are filled via referral, it is much less painful to reach out for help from a colleague or friend when you speak to them semi-regularly than if you wait until you are desperate enough and reach out after numerous years of radio silence. The person you meet now may be the same person you work with in the future. They may be a potential partner, manager or colleague. Keep in mind that networking is a two-way street. Your approach can vary from checking in every few months via email, text or even a phone call or scheduling coffee chats during the month with different people.   4. Avoid the ATS Black Hole  On the earlier point, most jobs get filled by referral. This means that many roles posted online already have a person in mind once they have been published. The why’s behind this make sense when you think about it. As a recruiter, what would be the first thing you would do if you had an opening? Would it be to create a job spec and work to get it published? Would you instead ask others and yourself who may be a perfect fit for the role? The bottom line is it is human nature to attempt to fill these roles through people we trust. Therefore, spend less time on applying for jobs online and more time connecting with real human beings.  

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