Job Search Tips for Older Workers: How To Get Back Into The Workforce

job search tips for older workers
What can you do to address age discrimination and promote your candidacy for employment? This article will provide some tips for older job seekers. They are easy tips to implement that can help expedite a job search and to find meaningful employment.   Stand Out in the Job Market  Despite all the skills and experience you bring to the job, you still need to convince the hiring manager that you are the right person for the role. However, you also need to have a number of qualities that make you ‘hirable’. To stand out in a competitive job market, emphasise your experience. Older job seekers have tons of experience and they can draw on this. Your work history is something that younger applicants simply do not have. Therefore, highlight your years of experience in your job interviews and materials. In addition, highlight your skills.   Ensure you make a list of all of the skills you have developed both outside of work and in the workplace. Then, look at job listings in the fields you want. Circle any skills on your list that fit the requirements of the job you are applying for. In addition, pay particular attention to transferable skills you have that can be useful in any job. Think about the skills and qualities you have as a result of your years of work experience. Also, consider developing some new skills that are very sought after in today’s world. For example, computer skills. In addition, follow your passion as employers see this passion and will see that you really want the role.   Ensure You Age-Proof Your CV & Cover Letter  One easy way to overcome the perception that your age is an issue is to age proof and edit your CV. Limiting what you include on your CV, from a chronological perspective can help you to avoid the stigma of being thought of as ‘too old’ by a hiring manager. Ensure your references to accomplishments and job skills use contemporary vocabulary. Your cover letter is also essential. Therefore, learn what to include on your cover letter, how to showcase your skills and how to effectively market your candidacy to hiring managers. When writing your CV and cover letters, there is no need to mention absolutely every job you have ever had. Rather, include your most recent positions.   Ace Your Job Interview  Although hiring managers cannot legally ask you about your age, they sometimes ask questions during a job interview in an attempt to determine how old you are. Therefore, look at common interview questions surrounding age and practice answering them. Remember to try give non-defensive and upbeat answers.   Don’t Give Up  Keep in mind that it is not just you who is having a tough job search. Remember that there are many people both old and young going through this. You are not the only one. Even when it gets tough, don’t give up but remain resilient.   Conclusion  Job searching is never easy, regardless of how old you are. If you think that age is hindering your job search, there are many things you can do to address the situation. Remember to never give up: it may take some time to find a job, however, there are hiring managers who understand the value of an older worker with skills, life experience and maturity. 

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