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Director of Planning and Infrastructure

HSE Home Support
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Electrician I

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General Maintenance

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General Maintenance Manager

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Project Management Specialist

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Building Maintenance (Regional) Technical Inspector

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HSE Home Support

HSE Home Support

Director of Planning and Infrastructure

Posted :1 year ago
Job location
Dublin, Ireland
Job type
Full time
Job Descriptions

Description of  Duties and

Responsibilities include:



As a member of the NAS Executive
Leadership Team, the DPI significantly contributes to the development of the
vision, strategic directions and operational plans, consistent with NAS
Strategy, through:


  • Supporting the
    development of the NAS strategic directions and development of
    strategies to improve clinical and operational performance aligned with
    the NAS Strategy.

  • Providing high level
    timely, accurate and informative advice to the Director, NAS.

  • Contributing to and
    participating in the NAS Executive Leadership Team using intellectual
    rigor, strategic influencing and informed analysis and decision making

  • Reconciling priority
    needs against available resources and opportunities by ensuring the
    delivery of services within allocated resources.

  • Identifying innovative
    approaches to the provision of services and the achievement of health
    outcomes and reviewing alternatives strategies.

  • Working in
    collaboration with all relevant stakeholders in a proactive and engaging

  • To deputise for the Director, NAS where required

  • To actively contribute to the successful team working of the NAS
    Executive Leadership Team.

  • Work effectively with other Directors, Heads of Service and
    relevant individuals to ensure NAS complies with the HSE performance

Providing strategic leadership and direction in often
stressful and challenging circumstances

Engaging in difficult and challenging conversations
with a range of stakeholders

Speaking publically to both internal and external

Capacity to tolerate and manage risk

Representing NAS and the HSE in media interviews

Managing personal resilience and supporting others
during times of duress

  • Taking
    responsibility for actions that are intended to deliver continuity of
    service where deemed necessary



In liaison with the Executive
Leadership Team, the DPI contributes to the development of NAS by:


  • Directing
    and overseeing the corporate strategic planning and business continuity
    process ensuring updates to the NAS Strategy and enabling Plans

  • Directing
    and overseeing the NAS Transformation Programme, ensuring effective
    monitoring of organisational projects.

  • Helping to develop the NAS as a major
    provider of alternative pathways

  • Participating
    in the establishment of appropriate administrative, financial and
    quality focused systems, structures and operations to support the
    delivery of effective services and patient outcomes.

  • Participating in the
    development of organisational operational plans including the
    identification of priorities, strategies and initiatives specific to the
    services delivered by NAS.

  • Ensuring NAS operates
    as an integrated health service in providing services to the population.


Supports Service Delivery

Leads the implementation of
the effective provision of a range of services within agreed performance
targets and a process of continuous improvement by:


  • Providing
    leadership at a strategic level for the delivery of planning and
    infrastructure services across NAS.

  • Optimising
    NAS resource investment in information management systems and
    technologies to align with and support NAS business needs.

  • Managing
    and monitoring the performance of providers to achieve the agreed
    targets contained within various service contracts.

  • Establishing
    evidence based processes for reconciling priority needs against
    available resources and opportunities.

  • Ensuring
    the existence of risk management, management and quality control systems
    to ensure the efficient, effective and economic utilisation of NAS

  • Establishing
    contractual arrangements with service providers and negotiating and
    monitoring relevant agreements as required.

  • Provide
    reports on the delivery of Key Performance Indicators/ Assurance
    Framework to the NAS Executive Leadership Team and its Assurance Committees

  • Directing
    and overseeing the development and implementation of a Digital Strategy
    including the development of high quality, timely and integrated
    business intelligence

  • Directing
    and overseeing the development and implementation of an Estate Transformation
    Plan including the development and implementation of a national, fixed
    and mobile Make Ready Solution

  • Directing
    and overseeing the development and implementation of a Fleet Replacement
    and Management Policy

  • In
    conjunction with the Director of Finance, directing and overseeing NAS
    compliance with public procurement relating to all relevant expenditure


Directs the provision of
appropriate social, economic, demographic and industry factors as an integral
component to the delivery of NAS services and programs by:


  • Identifying emerging
    political and social trends for the populations involved.

  • Development of
    collaborative, multi-disciplinary service networks as required.

  • Provision of relevant
    information and data analysis services.

  • Dissemination of
    findings to maximise the effectiveness of NAS and enhancing evidence
    based decision making.


Service Integration:

The DPI guides the development of:


  • Alternative
    models of support service delivery focussed on improving health outcomes
    and service integration with wider health services.

  • Effective
    relationships with key stakeholders including HBS Estates, HBS Procurement,
    Integrated Operations Planning and the Office of the Chief Information

  • In line with Slaintecare,
    continue to develop policies and strategies to further shift our models
    of care towards alternative and community based service models.


Financial Management

  • Achieve financial
    outcomes in accordance with the National Service Plan requirements
    including a balanced budget outcome;

  • Ensure remedial
    strategies are implemented in a timely manner where performance is below

  • Exercise administrative
    and financial delegations where appropriate, implementing decisions as

  • Represent NAS in
    relevant forums, advocating on behalf of the interests of its patients
    and staff;

  • Participate with other Directors and Heads of Service in the corporate
    risk management of NAS, including the relevant areas of the Risk
    Register and Assurance Framework.


People Development and Support

The DPI works with the Head of HR to
promote and implement a safe, productive and healthy work environment within NAS,
focused on providing:


  • Planning and redesign
    to provide adequate numbers and skill mix to ensure function delivery

  • A work place free of
    harassment and discrimination;

  • Professional and
    personal development for all staff;

  • Mechanisms for
    consultation and the development of positive relationships with employee
    representative groups;

  • Adherence to the
    provisions of legislative requirements including (but not limited to)
    relevant Health and Safety legislation.




and/ or experience



must have at the latest date of application:


significant track record as a leader and senior manager within a complex role
and/or function within a health service environment or large complex

proven ability to develop, manage and deliver projects and programmes in a
complex environment

A track record of
engaging with commissioners and funding agencies such as the Department of

Have demonstrated
capacity to achieve results through cross-sectoral working.

of disseminating work through presentations or publications.

of partnership working at a senior level.

Possess the requisite
knowledge and ability (including a high standard of suitability and
management ability) for the proper discharge of the duties of the office



A candidate for and any person holding
the office must be fully competent and capable of undertaking the duties
attached to the office and be in a state of health such as would indicate a
reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service. The
post holder must be capable at all times of undertaking the fundamental
duties of this role.



Each candidate for and any
person holding the office must be of good character.


competencies and/or knowledge


Professional Knowledge & Experience

Detailed knowledge of
the health service and wider environment as they apply to this post

Detailed knowledge of
the strategic planning, service planning and capital planning process

Detailed knowledge of the issues, developments and current thinking on best practice in
relation to transformation, programme and project management

Knowledge of fleet management and logistics best

Knowledge of the eHealth Ireland strategic agenda
and ICT capital processes

Knowledge of the capital planning and minor
capital process

Knowledge of the Risk Management Framework

  • Has a working knowledge
    of HIQA Standards as they apply to the role for example, Standards for
    Healthcare, National Standards for the Prevention and Control of
    Healthcare Associated Infections, Hygiene Standards etc.

Knowledge of Health Service reforms and how they
impact on the National Ambulance Service and emergency services.

and experience of using an email system effectively e.g. Outlook

MS Office skills to include, Teams, Visio, Project, Word, Excel and

Detailed knowledge of the key challenges and
issues both internal and external across the health system and improvement
strategies required to address these.

understanding of service planning and capital planning processes


Leadership and
Delivery of Change

  • Is an effective leader and a positive driver for change;
    transforms the vision into a framework and structures for moving forward.

Has the capacity to lead, organise and
motivate staff to function effectively in times of rapid change.

Strong results focus and ability to achieve
results through collaborative working.

A track record of innovation and delivery in a challenging environment.

Demonstrates the ability to partner
with other business leaders to identify opportunities for significant technology/process

  • Leadership and team management skills including the ability to
    work with multi-disciplinary team members, internal and external

  • Remains fully informed in a dynamic and challenging environment,
    while at the same time having a clear view of what changes are required
    in order to achieve immediate and long-term corporate objectives.

Balances change with continuity – continually
strives to improve service planning and delivery, to create a work
environment that encourages creative thinking and to maintain focus, intensity,
and persistence even under increasingly complex and demanding conditions.

Managing and
Delivering Results – Operational Excellence

  • Places strong emphasis on achieving high standards of excellence.

  • Ability to
    develop / implement strategic action plans and programmes

  • Commits a high degree of energy to well directed activities and
    looks for and seizes opportunities that are beneficial to achieving
    organisation goals.

  • Perseveres and sees tasks through to completion.

  • Champions measurement on delivery of results and is willing to
    take personal responsibility to initiate activities and drive objectives
    through to a conclusion.

Demonstrates flexibility, adaptability, and openness to working effectively
in a changing environment.

Demonstrates the ability to adequately identify,
assess, manage and monitor risks within their area of responsibility


Working With and
Through Others (Influencing to Achieve)

the ability to maintain and form alliances with recognised experts and with
decision makers.

Demonstrates the ability to represent the organisation on issues
impacting multiple organisations, the community, and the professional field.

Operates effectively in a matrix working environment.

Demonstrates the ability to work independently as well as work with a
wider multidisciplinary / multi-agency team in a complex and changing

Demonstrates a high level of interpersonal and communication skills
including negotiation skills and the ability to build and maintain

Demonstrates people management experience,
developing and encouraging others to maximise their potential and with an ability
to motivate and instil confidence in others.


Critical Analysis
and Decision Making

Demonstrates knowledge and application of evidence-based decision-making
practices and methodologies.

to operate as an effective strategic and tactical thinker

Has the ability to analyse and evaluate, in a rational, objective,
consistent and systematic manner, a range of complex information to identify
the core issues and arguments that are most salient to the situation at hand.

  • Considers
    the wider implications of decisions on a range of stakeholders

  • Recognises when to involve other parties at the appropriate time
    and level

  • Ability to challenge effectively and to maintain the highest
    levels of professional integrity in challenging circumstances.



  • Possesses highly
    effective interpersonal and communication skills to establish and
    develop trust based, high-stake partnerships and relationships with a
    range of external partners and stakeholders.

  • Exceptional
    written, oral, interpersonal, and presentation skills and the ability to
    effectively interface with senior management and external stakeholders.

  • Capacity to
    achieve results through cross-sectoral working.

  • Ability
    to communicate ideas, positions, and information clearly and
    convincingly in a manner that is sensitive to wider issues and has the
    ability to advocate for a negotiate positions which allow for the
    on-going improvement of services and systems.

  • Is committed to
    working co-operatively with and influencing senior management colleagues
    to drive forward the reform agenda.


Commitment and Motivation

Is personally committed and motivated for the complex role of
Assistant National Director.

Demonstrates a commitment to further education and learning.

Demonstrates a commitment to improving outcomes for patients by
improving service planning and integration.

  • A
    core belief in and passion for the sustainable delivery of high quality
    service user focused services.

Demonstrates a willingness and ability to operate in the flexible
manner that is essential for the effective delivery of the role.

Demonstrates commitment to personal continuing
professional development.





  • Communication Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • 0