How to Organise Your Job Search: 7 Ways To Get Organised

How to organise your job search
In today’s job market, it is not unusual to submit applications for many different job positions. That involves lots of time and it is a lot to remain on track of. You do not want to squander those previous hours by missing any important application deadlines, confusing interview times or forgetting to follow up with recruiters. You need to properly organise and manage your job search. This is just as vital as identifying job opportunities and submitting your application. This article will share with you some ways to organise your job search.   Create a Job Application Spreadsheet  Create a job application spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or a similar program to keep on track of your job applications. You can use the spreadsheet to remain on track of which companies you have applied to, when you submitted your application and what materials you submitted to the company.   Utilise Google Drive & Calendar   If you want to remain organised online, Google is an excellent way to go. If you have a Gmail account, you can use Google Drive and create various written materials for your applications. You can also link your Google calendar to ensure you do not forget any important dates.   Set Up Job Alerts  Many job websites allow you to set up job alerts. Job alerts notify you when there are new job openings that match your interests. Once you sign up, the website will send you job listings through email so you can check for job openings in your field without having to mine through every job search engine. Once you have decided to apply for one of the job of the job listings you receive, you will be able to use the information in the message as a beginning point for keeping on track of your application.   Use Your Favourite Job Search Websites  Dig in your favourite job search websites and you will probably discover a built-in way to keep on track of your potential job interests and your submitted applications. Most job search websites offer built-in tools to remain on track of your applications. Although the downfall to using a website specific method is that you may have to keep track of various lists on different websites, if you have a favourite job search website you are sticking too, it is not a bad option.   Use an App  If you spend a lot of time on your phone, think about getting a mobile app to organise your job search. There are some great job search management apps out there available for smartphones and tablets.   Use a Notebook  If you are not as into technology, keep your job track old-fashioned. If you want a more tangible way of organising your job search, use a notebook. Also, to keep track of your applications, you can also use it to jot down a cover letter draft, take some notes during interviews and record anything else that comes up while you are searching for jobs.   Simplify Your Search  Clearly, there are so many ways to remain on track of your job search. However, there are also many ways to cut down on the mental overhead to begin with. Making the effort to simplify your job search will pay off in the long run. Focus on quality over quantity. Only apply to legitimate job positions that you are qualified for and ensure that each application counts. Personalise each cover letter and remember to regularly update and proofread your CV.  

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