How to Know You Got the Job: 7 Signs You Got the Job

Know You Got the Job
Most people walk out of the job interview feeling one of two ways, either they feel they nailed it or they feel they fully bombed it. It can be so challenging to know for sure how the interview went and if you did enough to get the job. Whether you get the job or not, the question remains unanswered for the next few weeks, until the reply arrives. This wait can be tough going as it ends up being all you can think about. As per the career experts, there are definitely some signs that can confirm whether you got the job. In this article, we will tell you some signs that indicate whether you got the job.   1. If the Interviewer Enjoys Speaking with You  Your answers are what will build interest in the interviewer and if she/he feels happy listening to you, this is a great sign. If your answers are engaging the interviewer and putting a smile on their face, it is a good sign that the interview is going well and that you may land the job.   2. When Your Interview Lasts Longer  We often see interviewees coming out of the job interview very quickly. However, most of the time we make an idea that the interviewee may not have answered up to the mark and the interviewer ended with that person. However, it is also one of the ways to determine how well your interview went. If your interview lasts long, this can be a sign that they are interested in hiring you.   3. The Interviewer Engages in Regular Chit Chat with You  When the interviewer ends up the professional questions with some normal day chit chat, it is generally a positive sign. It means they are connecting with you on a personal level and that the conversation is transforming into a personal bond and this is a good sign that they are considering you for the company.   4. The Interviewer Gives You a Tour of the Office  If a hiring manager or interviewer gives you a tour of the office and introduces you to the office employees, it is a good sign they are ready to offer you the role. Think of it this way: why should someone around and introduce them to other members of staff if you are not going to hire them? They would not do that; therefore, it is a very good sign if this happens to you that you will get the job.   5. If Your Interviewer Gives You the Big Picture  If the interviewer tells you about their company’s challenges and explains that they feel your experience would help to achieve and solve those challenges, this is a very good sign that they are going to offer you the job. This means that something special in you has impressed them.   6. When the Detailed Follow-Up Processes Are Discussed with You  When closing the interview, if the hiring manager tells you the follow-up process, it means that you are likely being considered for the role. The chances are high they will offer you the job if they discuss this timeline with you.   7. When the Interviewer Speaks More About the Perks, Benefits & Other Allowances of the Job  If the interviewer focuses more on the perks and the benefits the company offers, they are planning to offer you the job. They are trying to persuade you and maintain your interest by discussing what their company can offer you as an employee.  

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