How to Find Internships: 5 Ways To Find Internship Opportunities

How to Find Internships
Your best chance of finding the perfect internship is if you employ a number of different strategies. They include networking, attending job and career fairs, looking for internship job postings online and identifying potential employers and reaching out to them. Finding an internship requires both planning and time, however, the results are certainly worth all that effort. In this article, we will give you some recommendations to help you find internships.   1. Begin Your Search Early  You should be aware that specific industries and internships generally have early deadlines and recruit and hire in a quick manner. Beginning your internship search early will give you plenty of lead time. In addition, it will give you the opportunity to make valuable connections with professionals or alumni within organisations of interest.   2. Narrow Down Your Broad Career Interests  To find an internship, you need to decide what you want to do. Gaining experience in numerous career fields is a great idea if you are unsure about what career you wish to pursue after college. However, think about what it is you enjoy and how that may parlay into a career. Internships can provide you with exposure to opportunities and gives you a chance to same exciting and new career fields.   3. Networking  Speak with your friends, college advisors, college faculty, family and career counsellors. Speak with them about what kind of internship you want and when and where you would like to do it. See what advice they have for you when it comes to landing your dream internship. Contact alumni from your college too and see what valuable information they can offer you. Be sure to thank them also for sharing their perspective and advice. Also, pay attention to online resources available to you for internships, ie specific internship job websites and your college’s career network.   4. Attend Career & Job Fairs  If you want to get an internship, attend career and job fairs. Top employers attend these fairs to screen, recruit and hire talented employees and interns. You should bring some CVs with you and be prepared to give a 60 second introduction that describes how you can be of value to an employer. Also be sure to follow up with any recruiters you meet at the fair.   5. Reach Out to Employers  Ring or visit employers in your area and/or career areas of interest and ask them about summer jobs/internships. Again, be prepared to give them a 60 second introduction that sells your skills and explains exactly how you can be of value. If they do not have anything right now, follow up with them in the future.   Conclusion Internships are a great avenue for college students, graduates and those looking to change their career. They offer great learning and experience that can help you land your dream job. You just have to be smart when it comes to finding internships and employ a number of fool proof strategies.  

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