How to Find a Job That’s Meant for You In 5 Easy Steps

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It can be difficult to find a job that is meant for you; however, it is important that you do. We spend around 8 hours per day in a job and it is important that we enjoy it and that it ignites a passion inside us. If you don’t enjoy your job, you won’t enjoy most of your life since you spend most of your time in your job. In this article, we will share some steps to help you find a job that is meant for you.  

1. Begin with Self-Awareness 

You need to have a clear understanding of who you are and what it is that gets you out of bed every morning before you can lean into one career over another. The unfortunate truth is that so many people have stomached an awful job for so long that they do not remember what they wanted from work in the first place. Whilst sitting down and asking yourself these questions is a good idea, it can be overwhelming to begin digging solo. There are tons of resources that can help you ease the burden while developing your self-understanding. For example, through exercise and meditation, reading and other various resources.  

2. Get a Mentor 

Getting a mentor helps to feel as though there is someone on your team. Find someone in your network who knows you and can act as your mentor. They don’t always have to be in your field either. People who care about your output, who push you to keep going and inspire you are those who should hold close during times of proactive growth. They do not need to be a recognised figure from your ideal work industry. They just need to provide advice and help you to uncover your interests. This person can help you to gain insight into your desired career, serve as a reference for you, look over your CV or help you to expand your network of opportunities.  

3. Network 

This does not mean messaging every single person asking about openings. However, you should speak to as many people as you can on LinkedIn about the best ways to get into their industry. Before you start applying for jobs, educate yourself about different career paths by speaking to as many people as possible. Use LinkedIn to find people who have your dream role and ask for an informational meeting. Discover more about their current role and the path that got them there. Treat these interactions as interviews. Your contact may be hiring or can provide a referral. Keep the conversation curious and casual. Make a lasting impression so people start letting you know about openings.  

4. Get Real World Qualifications & Experience 

You are likely going to have to graft outside your current working hours if you are planning to switch careers. You should consider volunteering or interning for organisations where you can offer your expertise and time in exchange for an opportunity to learn more about the industry. Alternatively, many qualifications can help to enhance your standing in a particular field. Doing an online course or night course could be a great option too. Join webinars and online meetings in your industry too.  

5. Get Your Personal Brand Out There 

This is the last step after learning about yourself, your aspirations and the industry in which you thought you wanted to work. Rebrand yourself by revising your CV, cover letter and your social media profiles to reflect your updated career goals to showcase new and relevant skills. Ensure your personal brand is consistent, authentic and tailored to each specific role for which you are applying. 

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