How to Explain Job Hopping in Your Job Search?

How to Explain Job Hopping
If you are job searching and trying to find a way to explain job hopping in your CV, cover letter and interviews, this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about explaining your reasons for changing jobs, so that you can get hired even if you have job hopped in the past. In addition, we will explore the pros and cons of job hopping.   How to Explain Job Hopping in Your Cover Letter?  If you have been job hopping, you need to explain that in your cover letter. Here are some steps to explain job hopping in your cover letter.  
  1. Find the job changes that you think will cause the most concern for hiring managers. 
  2. Address those job changes directly in your cover letter and provide an explanation for why you made the decision that you did.  
  3. Never complain or bad-mouth former bosses or employers.  
  4. Try to make it sound like you changed positions to gain something positive whenever possible.  
  5. Be upfront and use direct and clear language. If you resigned from a job because it was not working out, say “I chose to resign because _____.” Don’t say, “we parted ways” or other confusing terms.  
  6. Finish by showing them that you know what you want in your next job role and that this job fits this. They will not hire you if you do not show them solid reasons for why you want their job.  
One of the hardest things about explaining job hopping in a cover letter is how to bring it up to begin with. You could say something like, “If you look at my CV, you will see a couple of quick transitions between companies..”. You can then jump right into the explanations. Keep this entire explanation rather brief, around 2-3 short paragraphs or less. Do not fill your cover letter with huge explanations of why you changed jobs. The goal here is to just give them a brief explanation of why you made the choices you did, to show them you are being upfront and willing to discuss further in the interview.   Good Reasons to Explain Job Hunting That Will Satisfy Employers  Here are some good reasons to explain job hunting that will satisfy employers.  
  1. Your boss left & the work environment changed 
  2. Your role changed or shifted away from what they hired you to do 
  3. A more attractive opportunity came up and you had to pursue it 
  4. A personal or life issue came up such as, caring for a sick family member, requiring major surgery or medical care etc.  
  5. Staying home to raise a child 
  6. Leaving a job to pursue further training or education to advance your career in the long-term.  
How to Explain Job Hopping in Interviews?  If you did a good job explaining your reasons for job hopping in your cover letter, the chances are high that you will be invited to interview. But you may be wondering what to say in job interviews when you are asked further questions. The first thing you should do is review the cover letter you sent so you can make sure you get your story straight. You do not want to say something different or get stories crossed up in the interview.   Therefore, you must be 100% consistent here. In addition, if you interview with more people, you need to give the same story. Therefore, ensure you know exactly what you sent them in the cover letter walking into any job interview. Then, be upfront and take responsibility. Your gal in the interview is to calmly explain the reasons you shared in your cover letter. Provide some more information and explain yourself until they are satisfied. Finally, finish by showing them how excited you are about their position.   The Pros and Cons of Job Hopping  The pros of job hopping are: 
  1. Higher potential salary. You generally receive a bigger pay increase when changing companies.  
  2. You will experience more work environments.  
  3. It is better to job hop once or twice than remaining in a terrible situation.  
  4. You make more connections and there are more networking opportunities.  
The cons of job hopping are: 
  1. You may have a harder time finding new jobs.  
  2. There is risk of becoming a jack of all trades.  
  3. You will not have the deeper, stronger connections as someone would working with a company for years.  
Conclusion  Now you know how to explain job hopping in your CV, cover letter and interview. You also learned the good reasons employers are satisfied with and the pros and cons of job hopping. Hopefully, this will help you get hired quicker and you will feel more confident in your job search. 

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