How to Ask for Endorsements on LinkedIn

How to Ask for Endorsements on LinkedIn

There are tons of ways to use LinkedIn. From connection with other industry colleagues and co-workers and acquaintances to applying for jobs and working with recruiters. LinkedIn is essentially a hub of activity. That means you should be using all features that LinkedIn has to offer, this includes LinkedIn endorsements. 

What are LinkedIn Endorsements? 

LinkedIn endorsements, put simply, are an easy way for your connections and colleagues to recognise your expertise in a specific area with just one click. These seemingly easy endorsements can elevate you and your profile above the other thousands of people on the platform. You will rank highly in the LinkedIn search results if you have many endorsements for the skill a recruiter is looking for, according to a study by Avid Careerist. 

What is the Difference Between LinkedIn Recommendations and Endorsements? 

With LinkedIn endorsements, your connections are endorsing the skills that you have included on your profile. On the flipside, a LinkedIn recommendation is a written testimonial added to your profile by a connection who took some time to write out why you are a professional worth working with. Recommendations add a lot more value to your profile than the one-click endorsement option. However, both are still essential for a successful profile.  

How to Get Endorsements on LinkedIn 

  1. List Your Relevant Skills 

Think like a salesperson would. Determine which of your core competencies and technical skills are more crucial to your industry and relevant to your current job goals. List these skills initially, from most important to the least important. This will essentially be a road map for professionals to endorse the correct talents.  

  1. Endorse Other Professionals 

Begin with your closest colleagues, since these are the individuals who you know the best and are most likely to return the favour. For these colleagues, endorse the skills you have seen them display in the workplace and they will be sure to reciprocate. After endorsing your closest colleagues, endorse the skills of those you met at crucial functions or during your time spent at work, such as freelancers, vendors or clients.  

  1. Ask for Endorsements on LinkedIn 

This is the hardest of all techniques: how to ask for endorsements on LinkedIn. You want individuals to acknowledge your strengths and skills, but you do not want to come off as begging for endorsements either.  

Rather than sending many generic ‘please endorse me’ messages, personalise your requests by making note of a particular project you worked on with each person you ask. Gently remind them of your contributions, and ask them to provide comments on the project in the form of skill endorsements. 

  1. Make Updates and Link to your Social Media Profiles 

Do you have your own blog? This is an excellent way to display your skills and earn endorsements for connections you do not know that well. Share your latest blog on LinkedIn, make updates to your profile regularly, and engage other users who connect with you. In other words, do not become the LinkedIn equivalent of a wallflower.  

There are many people on LinkedIn, however, very few update their status on a regular basis. This means that if you choose to post updates on LinkedIn, you will get on your connections’ radar rather easily. If you are sharing quality content and insightful quotes related to the LinkedIn skills you have listed, you will also provide them with a reason to endorse you for those skills. 

  1. Remember your Manners 

Do not forget to say thank you once you have received an endorsement. So many LinkedIn users take the endorsements their colleagues and friends post for granted and do not take the time say thank you. This is not just rude; it also can hurt your relationship with the person. A quick, but nice, thank you for an endorsement goes a long way. 


There are a variety of ways to use LinkedIn. It is a great platform for showing off what you do to recruiters, hiring managers and other professionals. An excellent way to make you stand out on LinkedIn is by getting endorsements. It is not difficult to ask for them, just use the above tips and always ensure you say thank you to those who have taken the time to give you an endorsement.  

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