How Long Does it Take to Hear Back from a Job After Applying

Long Does It Take To Hear Back From a Job
Submitting a job application generally feels really good, however, hearing back from the employer regarding your application feels even better. Unfortunately, job seekers experience a bit more anxiety with each day that passes without a response. They begin to wonder if they will ever hear back. In this article, we will tell you how long it takes to hear back after submitting your application and what you can do to increase your chances of getting responses in less time.   When Will I Hear Back?  It generally takes between one to two weeks to hear back after applying for a job. An employer may respond quicker if the job is a high priority or if they are a small business. It can also occasionally take longer. It is possible to wait three to four weeks and then still hear back with the employer with positive news. This can easily happen as the employer is busy with other business objectives. However, most of the time you can expect to wait a maximum of two weeks. If it goes over two weeks, the company is probably not going to get back to you. It is good that you find this out as that way, you can put your focus on applying for other positions and getting in touch with other employers. In addition, you can also follow up if you want after this two-week period.   What to do While You Wait to Hear Back  The most vital thing to do while waiting to hear back about a job is to continue to apply for other positions. Waiting for a single employer will only boost your anxiety and reduce the number of options you have in your job search, which can cause you to remain unemployed for longer. Employers generally interview between 6 and 10 candidates for each job. In addition, they frequently put jobs on hold, decide to promote someone internally or change what they are looking for mid-search. There are way too many uncontrollable factors in the job hunt and it is very risky to wait for one employer after applying for a job. Even if you got to the interview stage and feel it went well, you should still apply for other jobs.   How to Get Responses Quicker  Now that we have discussed how long it takes to get a response, here are some tips to shorten the waiting time and get responses quicker. First things first, ensure you fine-tune and customise your CV for each job you are applying to. Employers receive tons of resumes and they are more likely to respond if they see that you are a good fit for their specific needs. Next, try to get introduced to employers through your network. You should be speaking to your existing network to find out what they know and who they know. This includes hiring managers and specific companies who are hiring. In addition, consider connecting with new people on LinkedIn or in other ways. This can open the door to building some trust and report and asking for an introduction to the hiring manager.   Conclusion  You now know how long it takes to get a response after submitting your job application. Although it takes time for employers to look through your application and get back to you, you can get responses more often and at a quicker rate by simply tailoring your CV and getting introduced to employers through networking.  

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