Career Podcasts You Should Listen To

Career Podcasts You Should Listen To

Have you ever wished you could have a career mentor that is always by your side to provide you with information and advice? Nowadays, you can actually have lots of mentors when you need them simply by tuning into any of the amazing career podcasts now available. 

Today’s podcasts cover a wide range of topics and are found on tons of different platforms. There are podcasts on CV writing, networking, job transitions and networking, while others provide inspiration for personal and career growth or even focus on a particular career area. 

The other good thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them more than once so you take in every detail they have to offer at your convenience; you do not have to work your schedule around a specific podcast.  

With so many options to choose from, here are some of the top career podcasts to get you started.  

Podcasts for Job Seekers 

  1. Career Cloud Radio 

Career Cloud Radio, hosted by Justin Dux, provides techniques and tips specifically for the job hunt. Previous topics have discussed how to succeed in your career through informational interviewers, how to appeal to recruiters and how to overcome being overqualified. Guests include job search experts such as recruiters, HR professionals and CV writers. 

  1. Zero2Hired 

This podcast focuses on the challenge’s millennials face in dealing with the current hiring process. Hosted by Connel and John, veterans of the job-search process, they share their experiences of the corporate world, giving millennials more information on what hiring managers and recruiters expect from them as job applicants. 

Podcasts for Career Transitions 

  1. Switch, Pivot or Quit with Ahyiana Angel 

Ahyiana Angel successfully transitioned from her career as a sports entertainment publicist to a published author, proving she knows her fair share about career transitions. Angel provides inspiration, motivation and advice specially for people who wish to transition into a new career field now or in the future.  

  1. Being Boss with Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon 

If you’re ready to become the boss of your life and career, begin here. Shannon and Thompson offer real-world advice on how to achieve your dream career, whether you are someone looking to upsize a side-hustle, a beginning entrepreneur or want to move out of your chosen corporate career.  

Podcasts for Inspiration and Motivation 

  1. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes 

Howes, a former athlete and a bestselling author, brings in business people, entertainment icons and athletes to share their inspiring stories of success. Conversations centre around what qualities make a person successful, and how to develop resilience in the face of a job reject, an on-the-job criticism, or other negative scenarios. 

  1. David Lawrence Recruitment Show 

If you enjoy getting great motivation and information in a small amount of time, this is definitely the podcast for you. Episodes are brief but filled with tips from current career experts on a variety of topics, including whether LinkedIn recommendations actually work and how to create a solid CV. Listening before your job search provides you with knowledge and motivation to give it your best.  

Podcasts for Specific Career Advice 

  1. Career Coaching with Jessness 

Jessica Smith has vast experience as a technical recruiter in Silicon Valley and with that, she brings an abundance of advice and practical information on getting hired in the current competitive job market to her podcast, even if you are not on the hunt for a technical role. Specific areas explored include interview preparation, personal branding and more. 

  1. Starving Artist 

Not everyone is looking for success in the corporate world. If you would rather a career in the creative arts, you will discover information here about handling the financial aspects of these professions to aid you to be both successful and creative. 

Podcasts for College Graduates 

  1. Mastering College to Career 

As the name suggests, this podcast will teach you about handling both college and the first steps on your career path. Career topics include interviewing, CV writing, how to handle student loans and networking. Guests include everyone from HR officers to university staff to CEOs and actual college students. 

  1. College Central Podcasts 

Entry-level job seekers will find expert instruction and advice that is concise and clear in regards to topics such as CVs, interviewing, internships, etiquette and much more.  


Truly getting the most out of a podcast varies for each individual. Since you can tune in more than once, try just listening the first time and take some notes the second time you listen. Rather than just listening randomly, take some time to identify the podcasts that will be most valuable based on your current career status, business situation, or job search. Whether you are a college graduate looking for your first job, an entrepreneur starting up a business, or a seasoned worker changing jobs, there is a podcast out there to keep you energised, informed and moving forward. 

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