Best Day And Time to Apply for Jobs: When Should I Apply?

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Are you wondering what is the best day to apply for a job? What is the best time to apply for jobs online during the day? In this article, we will tell you exactly that, backed up with some research. Below is everything you need to know.  

What Is the Best Time to Apply for Jobs Online? 

For the best time to apply for jobs online, we suggest either the evening just after normal business hours or the early morning. That way, your application will catch the recruiter or HR person in the morning when they have less going on. On the flipside, if you send your amil at 4 or 5 pm as they are getting ready to leave, there is a good chance they will put it off and possibly forget about it. Or that they will simply be too busy to look at your application. Therefore, the best time to apply for jobs is early morning or in the evening after working hours, avoid the afternoon.  

What Is the Best Day to Apply for Jobs Online? 

Now that you know what is the best time to apply for jobs online, we are going to discuss what the best day to apply for jobs online is. A study from a job matching website called, recommends applying on Monday is the best day. The in-depth study discovered that 30% of candidates who applied on Mondays received invites for job interviews.  

That may not sound like much; however, it is the highest out of any other day of the week. Therefore, Monday is your best option for applying online. If you are applying on Monday, it is best to send your application early in the morning so that it is the first thing on top of the hiring manager’s desk. If mornings are tough for you, try to send it late Sunday night. Either way, it will be one of the first things they read.  

If you cannot apply on Monday, the next best day to apply for jobs is Tuesday. discovered that companies post the most jobs on Tuesday, making it another good day to apply. However, remember not to apply for the job right away. Rather, tailor your CV and write your cover letter well to get a good response.  

Even if most jobs are posted on Tuesday, we still think Monday is a better day for submitting your application. If that does not work, you are looking at Tuesday or Wednesday night. The worst day to apply for jobs is Saturday, according to the study. This is because only 14% of candidates who applied on Saturdays ever got an interview for the job.  


In the end, stick with Monday or Tuesday, early morning or the evening after working hours and you will be fine. Research seems to point to these two days as being the best when applying for jobs online and these time frames.  

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